Mohammad Hoshyar aka Darkland was born in Tehran/Iran in 1990. He is one of the first Iranian composers in Psytrance style. Darkland’s composing activities started at the age of sixteen. He chose only Psytrance style despite the existence of many different styles of music. This decision opened a new path for him.

His interest in this style was so great that he spent at least ten hours a day listening, practicing and making music without feeling tired. This continuity made him master the structure of music in the Psytrance style without seeing composition training courses, which were very few at that time. As one of the first Iranian composers in the Psytrance style, he released his first work in 2012. A little later he was supported by Andre Szigethy. He was interviewed on his weekly radio show Darkland and released his works here. Over the next few years, his progress speed became a linear and steady due to personal issues. In short, he finally made his first release on the Iono Music label after releasing his work over the years in 2020. It was a remix for Roger Rabbit.

In those days, he decided to create a new project next to his main project, Darkland, called Sourceform. His goal of this project was to combine traditional Iranian music with Psytrance style. This project was welcomed by great Psytrance composers. In this regard, a track called Bel Bel was supported by Vini Vici and aired on his monthly radio show, although this track was not yet officially released. A little later, another great composer named Zyce supported the Sourceform project and released the first work of this project, which was a remix for Zyce, on the TesseracTstudio label. Like other releases of this project, this work was placed in Top 100 Beatport.

Currently, the main focus of the Darkland project is on energy, frequency and everything related to the universe, because all our life is made up of energy and frequency. He will try to show all his ideas in his works.

Psytrance is a real drug that doesn’t need any drugs.